**Why it is awesome**

This handsome theme has been crafted to be pixel perfect. Weather on mobile or a computer your site will automatically adjust to look great. Your content is great and so should your theme. Stand out!


Unique layout
Boxes with your post title and image that you so carefully selected. Displayed right on the front page for all to see. Much more appealing than a bunch of links.

Type Writer
What better way to keep users curious than to type out a message to them? Send them a message and watch your readers stick around for longer.

Friendly Touches
Keep your users informed how long the read will be and update them along the way. Once the reach the end they will be thankful and share your articles.

If you need a portfolio this theme has you covered. You will have everything you need to put your best foot forward. Awesome filter animations included.

Automatic Menu
You shouldn't be spending you time tweaking the menus. We update your site's menu based on the tags you have in ghost.


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