Q: Do sellers retain rights to the items they sell on GTheme?
A: Yes, we providing a marketplace for seller to sell their themes and we do not own the copyright of the theme.
Q: GTheme only accept theme exclusively sell on GTheme?
A: Yes, we only accept theme that exclusively sell on GTheme. We do not accept any theme that is selling somewhere else.
Q: What if the theme is selling somewhere else?
A: We will disable the seller account and the remaining sales commission will not pay to seller.
Q: How GTheme pay to sellers?
A: We pay to sellers using Paypal.
Q: How GTheme pay seller?
A: We pay to sellers based on item's total sales volume. The following table shows the commission rate.
Commission percentage Sales volume (USD)
70% $0 - $100,000
80% above $100,000