Up coming Ghost Publishing Platform 1.0

01 Nov 2016

Ghost 1.0 Roadmap

Ghost 1.0 is around corner and here is what you need to know in the 1.0 roadmap. Ghost 1.0 will introduce some breaking changes, new features, and more.

Dropped Features

Markdown Only Editor

Ghost 1.0 editor will using Mobiledoc. The future is Mobiledoc. If you are not familiar with Mobiledoc, you can try demo here. Also see GitHub issue that have more information on why Ghost team decided to move away from Markdown only editor. Spoiler alert, markdown itself is limited is one of the reasons.


Ghost 1.0 will no longer support PostgreSQL, officially. PostgreSQL originally contributed by contributors (not core team, I believe). Ghost (PRO) running on MySQL and Ghost core team able to optimize Ghost on MySQL.

Here is blog post explained why Ghost team decided to drop PostgreSQL support.

(Support PostgreSQL) become one of our biggest difficulties when developing new features, second only to our permissions system.

Breaking Change

Ghost 1.0 will be major release and thus Ghost team claim it is ok to break backward compatibility.

JSON API Overhaul

Ghost 1.0 will ship with new API that break backward compatibility, see Trello.

New Features

Mobiledoc Editor

Ghost 1.0 will featured Mobiledoc editor with markdown support and more.


Ghost 1.0 will support OAuth, default one powered by ghost.org. Now you can login to your blog using Facebook, Twitter, or any other OAuth provides.

Ghost CLI

New Ghost CLI will support administrative tasks for install, upgrade, and migrate Ghost.

Install Ghost now is easy as:

npm install -g ghost-cli
ghost install

Upgrade Ghost is easy as:

ghost upgrade

Emoji Support

Emoji support for editor including autocomplete will be part of Ghost 1.0. See Trello card that track progress.


Logging will be redesigned in Ghost 1.0 to support plug-in capability such as send logs to ElasticSearch.

See here GitHub issue that track logging feature.

More Features

Features listed in this section might not ship with Ghost 1.0.

Advanced image handling

Long waited advanced image handling such as resize is one of the next items in the roadmap. See Trello that track this feature.


One click Ghost update will be available in Admin UI as well as indicated here.


Apps is another promised feature that keep delayed since June 2014, more than 2 years ago. Seem like other overhaul are more important than shipping promised feature since 2 years ago. Trello roadmap indicate that Apps will be next item on Ghost 1.0 roadmap.


Overall Ghost 1.0 will be promising overhaul of simple blogging engine.