What is new in Ghost 0.5.0

17 Aug 2014

Today Ghost 0.5.0 is released and the Ghost Team delivered a huge improvement to Ghost Blog. This post will describe in details what is new in Ghost 0.5.0.

Multi User Support

Ghost 0.5.0 delivered multi-user support and now you can start invite people to join your blog and start writing a blog post!

From a theming perspective, this has two main effects: first, a post's author has more significance if the blog is multi-user and second, the difference between blog settings such as the title, cover image and logo are now clearly different to a user's cover image and logo.

Author Page

As Ghost 0.5.0 bring multi-user support, the theme also start to support author page to show posts by specific author!

Author pages will be rendered by either the new author.hbs template, or default to index.hbs if author.hbs is not present. Similarly to tag pages, author pages have access to an author object as well as a posts object.

Home Page

Ghost 0.5.0 now support a home.hbs to show home page. This is very helpful to theme designers to design home page for Ghost theme. If it is not present index.hbs will be used, and index.hbs is still used for the second, and third etc pages of the blog.

{{plural}} Helper

{{plural}} helper is added in Ghost 0.5.0 to help theme designers to formatting metadata. {{plural}} helper support display three output based on the condition is empty, one, or many.

{{plural pagination.total empty='No posts' singular='% post' plural='% posts'}}

{{has}} Helper

Final improvement for Ghost 0.5 is the improvement of {{has}} helper to support author attributes.

    {{#has author="Joe Bloggs"}}
        ...do something if the author is Joe Bloggs
        ...do something if the author is not Joe bloggs