Ghost Hosting Platforms

01 Jun 2014

Ghost is a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to share your story with the world. Ghost blog hosting platforms are raising as Ghost is raising. This post will list all of the Ghost Blog Hosting available for you to choose from and also compare their features.


Simple, competitive Ghost hosting from the creators of the Ghost blogging platform. Check out the hosted platform now!

Ghost(Pro) is the official Ghost hosting provider in the market and their main income is from hosting. So I believe their hosting platform will be awesome.


No install, backup or upgrade hassles - the smartest way to host Ghost. Start your free trial today.

Ghostify are the first & original independent Ghost hosting company.


Ghoster is a service to easily host Ghost blogs, starting free. It just works! You can start blogging in just a few minutes.

Ghoster website does not provide any contact/Twitter channel to contact them. Link to their parent company is broken as well. So their support might not good as other provider.


Simple, fully-managed Ghost blog hosting.

Runkite is another Ghost hosting provider, previously they are support other hosting options such as Rails. Now they are focusing on Ghost.


Now come to comparison of various Ghost hosting options. The following table show the summary of various hosting provider information.

Ghost(Pro) Ghostify Ghoster Runkite
PERSONAL ADVANCED TEAM 1 Ghost 3 Ghosts 5 Ghosts Free Regular Pro Runkite
Free Trial 30 Days 14 Days N/A (Free Plan) 14 Days
Price (USD) $10 $30 $100 $6.35 $12.99 $16.99 Free $5 $20 $5 per Blog
Page View Limit 25K 100K 350K 50K 160K 330K 1K 15K 100K N/A
Bandwidth Limit 5GB 16GB 33GB N/A N/A N/A N/A
Blog 1 3 10 1 3 5 1 1 10 1
Storage 1GB 3GB 5GB N/A N/A N/A N/A
Custom Domain
Automatic Backup Daily, for 5 days Daily, for 16 days Daily, for 33 days Daily Daily Daily
Automatic Upgrade
Support 24/7 email support 24/7 email support 24/7 email support 24/7 email support 24/7 email support 24/7 email support
FTP Access
MINI SMALL MEDIUM 1 Ghost 3 Ghosts 5 Ghosts Free Regular Pro Runkite
Ghost(Pro) Ghostify Ghoster Runkite

Note: N/A does not mean it is unlimited, just it not mentioned.

Note: For Automatic Backup that no mention retention policy, please contact respective provider since this is important feature.


To simplify comparison, only Ghost(Pro) and Ghostify will be compared.



  • Ghostify provide less blog per dollar but page view limit significantly higher than Ghost(Pro) (more than 5x times).
  • Ghostify allow FTP access.

There is no clear winner, it is all depends on each blog's requirements.